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· Concrete is the most popular medium used with in-ground pools. It's not difficult to use as it is easy to pour and install. The concrete decking can be colored or stenciled for artistic style. In-ground pool decking can also be created with brick or stones set in a pattern and grouted with sand. All of these are excellent, slip-resistant surfaces that help cut down on accidents. · When planning your pool decking, consider what your view will look like. Will you be able to enjoy the view from the angle you are building? Keep in mind if you are building an above-ground pool deck, you'll likely lift your pool area above any privacy fence you may have. Think about the sun when you build your deck. For optimum sunshine, you'll want to build the deck with the timing of the sun rising and setting in mind. · Caring for pool decking is easy. For brick or concrete tile decking, you'll likely have to add sand or grout to the surface occasionally due to run-off. Sweep leaves and debris off your deck after rain showers and storms to keep them from entering your pool. Add a coat of sealant to your wooden or timber decks to maintain them.